Photo of Female in Industrial Job
Good Jobs in a Green Economy

Like its namesake the New Deal, a true Green New Deal will create economic opportunities for all, especially the workers that are the backbone of a thriving economy. But unlike the New Deal, equitable access to these new jobs and training programs is necessary for Black and brown communities, poor communities, communities dependent on the fossil fuel industry, women and other marginalized genders, disabled people, immigrants, and formerly incarcerated individuals. Ensuring access to a reliable and sustaining source of income is a vital part of protecting people’s wellbeing and overall social stability, and will become more critical as the impacts of climate change increase.

In order to build a more just and sustainable future, we need good, family-sustaining jobs with opportunities for training, advancement, and unionization so the rights of workers and working families are protected. The green economy must not push us into further economic inequality, but instead, build a bridge that helps to close current gaps in sectors like renewable energy and retrofitting buildings. In Green New Deal cities and regions, providing good jobs can entail ensuring that government contracts are completed by local union labor; passing local ordinances on fair hiring practices; the creation of an Urban Climate Corps to provide employment opportunities; and training in equitable government hiring processes.


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