Photo of Climate Activist SignPhoto of Climate Activist Sign
A note about language

We use a “Green New Deal” frame because of the existing political movement, though the substance of our principles exceed loyalty to any title. We support coalitions across the country utilizing different frames embodying the once-in-a-generation fight against climate change while creating good paying jobs, dismantling unjust institutional practices, and building community power.

What is the Hub?
Gathering the resources we need to build the future we deserve

Around the country, a movement is building to make the 2020s the “Decade of the Green New Deal”. Rising intersectional crises of economic inequality, racial injustice, and the climate emergency necessitate a mobilization on every level.

The GND Cities Resource Hub is an online platform that consolidates resources and strategies from across a national network, builds bridges between policy practitioners, grassroots organizations and activists. The Hub provides practical and replicable proof of concept solutions by cataloging innovations highlighting how they support the principles of a GND. Our resource hub is about creating a virtual space that provides access to a global GND network, strategies for implementation, and frameworks for transformative local policies which can be tailored to the needs of each community. It is designed to democratize access to information, support movements, and break down the geographic barriers and issue silos between partners in the fight to address the climate crisis.

Our Mission
The Green New Deal Cities Resource Hub is built to be a resource that grassroots activists, city officials, and local policy practitioners can rely on and reference as they craft Green New Deal inspired urban plans and policies.

The aims of the resource hub are to elevate practical, justice-oriented solutions out of narrow policy silos, present information in a user-friendly and engaging way, and serve as a platform that initiates critical conversations and information sharing between people championing transformative change in their cities and communities.

Our Green New Deal work is guided by seven principles. We strive to work collaboratively and provide inclusive resources, centering the ideas, solutions and concerns of grassroots movements in frontline communities that have been fighting for environmental justice and systems change for decades. The Hub is a dynamic space and we welcome and encourage constructive feedback, ideas, and learning of additional resources that may be relevant to Hub’s network. We can be contacted here.

At the Global Center for Climate Justice, we envision not just a delay to climate disaster but a promising future, where resilient communities are able to flourish, the collective power we have is shared equitably and used effectively, and we are restoring our water, air and lands to a state free of poison and smoke. Sign up for the Center’s newsletter here.

In solidarity, 
The team at the Global Center for Climate Justice

Photo of Climate Activist Sign

Initial funding for the Green New Deal Cities Resource Hub was provided by the New England Grassroots Environment Fund’s Young Leaders Grant.

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