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Affordable Housing for All

Resilient, safe, and affordable housing options are a foundation to a more just and sustainable future. Access to housing is more than having a roof over your head at night: a place to live provides access to security, safety, and health. But great affordable housing options are increasingly threatened by larger forces - deindustrialization, rapid gentrification, and the havoc wrought by hurricanes, extreme heat, and flooding. Good housing policy must create truly affordable and sustainable housing. But to ensure its longevity, it must also tackle the drivers of disinvestment or gentrification and prepare communities for climate change.

Housing solutions should recognize the interaction between sustainability policy, land use planning, infrastructure investments, transportation planning, and housing affordability. Green New Deal policies seek housing solutions that decommodify housing, promote dense and mixed-use neighborhoods, create long-term affordability, allow people to live closer to economic opportunities, incorporate community participation, and empower residents.


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