Successfully creating and implementing a comprehensive local Green New Deal vision is a monumental task. Truly transformative change is about dismantling oppressive economic and political barriers erected and fortified by government processes and corporate practices to transform the injustices in our society and heal our ecosystems and communities. But how do we take this inspiring vision and make it real?

This Strategies section of the Hub is designed to help answer some of the “how” questions when it comes to making local Green New Deals a reality. Below you will find materials on political strategy, coalition building, funding, using municipal powers, and much more. GNDs must be democratically informed and participatory as every locality has its own needs; there are no silver bullet solutions. At the Center we are continually gathering feedback and strategy insights from grassroots organizers and policy practitioners across the world to build dynamic resources that help inspire and accelerate just transitions at the local level.

We have created this virtual space so that Green New Dealers across the U.S. and beyond can learn from each other’s coalition building, GND visions and plans, share technical, policy and other critical resources, and co-create a truly just and sustainable future. If you or your organization has feedback on this content or insights to share through the Hub’s growing network, please contact us

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