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Advancing the decade of the Green New DeaL
Around the country, a movement is building to make the 2020s the “Decade of the Green New Deal”. Rising intersectional crises of economic inequality, racial injustice, and the climate emergency necessitate a mobilization on every level. We support coalitions across the country in the once-in-a-generation fight against climate change while...

• creating good paying jobs,
• dismantling unjust institutional practices,
• and building community power.

The Green New Deal Resource Hub continually gathers information to support local efforts and elevate bold solutions for transformative climate justice.
Mapping Momentum
Green New Deal Efforts Around The Country
As Green New Deal momentum builds across the globe, information sharing and bridge-building are crucial to creating long-term, widespread success. The Hub has begun to map out which countries, regions, states, and cities have launched GND efforts. We hope mapping efforts will enable regional connectivity and multi-scaler collaboration.

Please reach out about any other efforts you think belong on the map!
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1. Picture our Vision

Learn more about our vision to serve as a movement-support tool that consolidates resources and strategies and builds bridges between policy practitioners, grassroots organizations, and activists.

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2. Explore the Principles

Adapted from the Boston Green New Deal and Just Recovery Plan, these principles draw on fundamental truths embedded in generational and place-based knowledge of what it means to be sustainable and promote wellbeing.

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3. Check out Action Areas

Discover toolkits, policy models, research, and  reports from around the world. These action areas provide a dynamic collection of resources with ongoing efforts encompassing the complex and intersectional nature of climate justice politics.

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4. Dive into Strategies

Designed to help answer some of the “how” questions when it comes to making local Green New Deals a reality, these resources come from the strategy insights of grassroots organizers and policy practitioners across the world.

5. More Resources

A compilation of other resource hubs, this section contains supplementary resources on topics related to achieving a Green New Deal.

6. Join the Movement

Interested or involved in the climate justice movement? Working towards a GND in your community? Contact us below to connect, subscribe to our newsletter or donate to support our work.