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Establishing Organizational Structure

In order to effectively champion a Green New Deal (GND), it is crucial to build an organizational structure that enables your alliance to work together most effectively, create a shared set of principles, decide on a common platform, and avoid silos. A framework of principles and long-term goals that were developed in a participatory manner can help ground the alliance’s work through successes and setbacks. Each alliance is unique, mirroring the unique characteristics of its community. While there is no one-size-works-for-all structure, this section will lead you through examples of how successful GND alliances operate, including setting up working groups and leaders, policy platform reports, values of the movement, and more examples of the crucial work that goes into building a ground up structure that can endure.

Alliances are formed and strengthened by a diverse array of organizations and individuals, but often member organizations have slightly different priorities and champion specific issues important to their community constituency. To begin to work together effectively, it is critical for these stakeholders to come together through a process of relationship building to create a shared set of principles and values, identify the most engaging way to frame actions so that they speak to all members, and as a result, set a solid foundation and shared vision for future collaborative work.

GND San Diego Goals and Values

San Diego GND Alliance

San Diego' site lists their goals and values that lead their long term vision.

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7 Values of Gulf South for a Green New Deal


Below the platform lies Gulf South's "Collective Agreements in Working Together". This framework provides them values that will be reflected at every stage in the design and implementation of Green New Deal policies.

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