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Funding a Green New Deal

Implementing a Green New Deal (GND) will require the mobilization of numerous investment strategies from all levels of government. There are a host of reliable and equitable funding strategies that have already found success across the country and around the world: divestment and local reinvestment, municipal green bonding, local vacancy taxes, fees on anti-ecological practices, public banking, participatory budgeting, and other forms of community-controlled capital. There are many funding options at different levels of government that alliances can explore to make a GND possible. This section covers federal, state, and local options and models for funding.

The federal level is currently working on numerous pieces of GND legislation, including a GND for Cities Act that would grant $1 trillion to localities and Tribes GND initiatives. If these pass, it is equally important that this funding be distributed equitably. This section includes information about how to access current funds available through the federal government, as well as what to anticipate with future legislation.

Redesigning Tax for a Just, Green Economy


This article examines the tax system in the UK and looks at how it can be redesigned post Covid-19 and for a Green Economy.

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