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Entering the Political Sphere

Passing successful Green New Deal (GND) policies requires votes, and getting policy practitioners and elected officials on board is one of the biggest barriers for GND efforts. How can grassroots GND efforts with limited resources gain political sway in a system that favors powerful and wealthy interests? Entering the political sphere can be a difficult undertaking due to the money and expertise required, the legal restrictions, and the networks involved in running a successful campaign. Corporate polluters and interests rely on heavy interference in policymaking to subvert the people’s demands for climate action; building pressure in favor of GND policies will be crucial in turning the tide toward meaningful policy reform. The following resources cover different strategies that efforts have begun to use to enter the political realm and some rules to keep in mind when doing so, including distinguishing between 501c3 and 501c4 rules, educational GND training for local politicians and their staff, or even running GND candidates.

Our elected officials at state and local levels are busy and their teams do not always have the bandwidth or expertise to be aware of the most comprehensive, justice-forward climate policies and practices. As an alliance, you may be in the unique position to have the resources to educate your representatives on why we need transformational GND policies. We have included some resources and examples of how organizations can successfully educate government representatives and officials.

How to Achieve Sustainable and Just Cities?

Urban Arenas

This report on ENABLING GOVERNANCE ARRANGEMENTS FOR LOCAL INITIATIVES gives examples and tips for more sustainable cities.

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Local Progress Policy Briefs

Local Progress

Local Progresses Policy Briefs provide a range of ideas for communities: from strengthening worker rights and protections, improving public education, expanding transportation and increasing the supply of affordable housing to supporting small businesses, implementing community benefit agreements and more.

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