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Challenges and Preemption

We firmly believe that the Green New Deal (GND) is a powerful and transformative platform for governments to reinvigorate critical public services and prepare our communities for a changed climate. But it is vital that we address legitimate criticisms and concerns leveled at the “Green New Deal” title, as well as the embedded contradictions in some GND policies. In this section, we have highlighted meaningful, good-faith critiques to help inform our work toward greater justice and policy efficacy.

The Green New Deal is a sweeping vision. It means enacting truly transformational change to every part of society. But moneyed interests can attempt to co-opt and water down climate policy. How do we avoid this mission being co-opted by the very people whose abuse of power helped create the climate crisis? The following resources include examples of how other organizations have countered preemption and articles about what to watch out for from moneyed interests as your alliance builds power.

The Climate Crisis is a (Neo)Colonial Capitalist Crisis

Europe Network Against Racism

In order to address systemic racism in our political, economic, and social systems, we must acknowledge the colonial history of capitalism and how it has left a legacy of disproportionate burden on marginalized communities. This report analyzes green extractivism in indigenous communities, French colonial legacies, antigypsyism, the worsening of the climate refugee crisis, and the rise of a racist right wing amongst the looming climate crisis. The report also shares decolonizing actions and transitions to a European Green Deal.

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Preemption Resources

Climate Equity Policy Center

This collection of resources is designed to help advocates, community members, and other stakeholders understand what preemption is and how to work together to defeat preemption.

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Preemption of Green Cities in Red States

Joan Fitzgerald

This article, by Center Fellow Joan Fitzgerald, covers State legislatures, frequently acting on behalf of corporate interests, preempting local reforms and regulations necessary to limit the emissions that cause climate change.

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