Building a Diverse Coalition

To create the systemic shift necessary to overcome our intersecting crises of climate change, racial and economic injustice, and COVID-19, we will need to build a powerful, broad-based and politically engaged movement of movements. Building a diverse coalition is part of movement building, but there is so much more that goes into creating successful, powerful movements for change. Movement building is about how we collectively inspire the public, galvanize people to become movement members, how we communicate our goals and visions, where we can support each other, and it is also about finding resources and creating staying power. This means asking questions not only about how to achieve current goals, but how smaller-scale actions connect to long-term transformative social change. It means working to expand the public’s consciousness on precisely how a Green New Deal will improve their lives and communities. Below you will find resources for movement building, including key processes and strategic questions necessary for local organizers in successful grassroots movements for the Green New Deal as well as insights on strategic planning, building power, and connecting to larger networks for change.

Tracking Diversity
Green 2.0

Tracking Diversity will help organizations with their strategic planning, assessing the growth of their staff and board, and analyzing the metrics of their demographic data. By promoting transparency and accountability in the sector, they work to create a path forward for the sector to become more just, inclusive, and culturally relevant.

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New York Renews
New Economy Coalition

The New Economy Coalition's Pathways to a People's Economy toolkit includes a case study of NY Renews, an coalition of nearly 200 groups that passed progressive environmental legislation called the Climate and Community Protection Act in New York. NY Renews exemplifies the power that working in coalition can have and the case study gets into some of the details of how they successfully found alignment and got people on board.

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Networks, Alliances, and Coalitions Resource Hub
Racial Equity Tools

Racial Equity Tools has put together a Networks, Alliances, and Coalitions resource hub. Resources include examples of diverse organizations coming together and toolkits on key parts of the coalition making process. The selection is extensive and has a focus on multiracial coalitions and coalitions for racial justice.

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Labor Network for Sustainability
Labor Network For Sustainability

The power of workers and labor unions can be essential to the success of Green New Deal initiatives. The Labor Network for Sustainability works to engage workers and communities in building a just transition and has put together a set of resources including working to engage workers and communities in building a just transition.

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