Movement Building

Our current moment requires movement level thinking to create the systemic shift necessary to overcome our intersecting crises of climate change, racial and economic injustice, and COVID-19. This means asking questions not only about how to achieve current goals, but how smaller scale actions connect to long term transformative social change and promote expanding the public consciousness necessary to allow people to conceptualize the vision of a Green New Deal and mobilize to demand that future. Movement building requires a lot of balancing priorities, as immediate wins that improve people’s immediate conditions and gather support are still needed to work towards a broader vision. It is also not necessarily a straightforward or linear process. This section covers some of the pieces of our longer term goals to define the key processes and strategic questions necessary for local organizers in successful grassroots movements for the Green New Deal, including resources with insights on strategic planning, building power, and connecting to larger networks for change.

Movements vs Organizations
Creating The Future

Movements vs Organizations by Hildy Gottlieb, founder of Creating Change, visualizes the differences between the mindset of individuals organizations and the mindset of a movement necessary to creating more significant change.

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Movement Building Resource Hub
Racial Equity Tools

Racial Equity Tools has put together a Movement Building resource hub that provides examples of social movements and ways of using tools of movement building to create community change. The selection is extensive and has a focus on movements for racial justice.

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Building Organizations in a Movement Moment
Grassroots Policy Project

Building Organizations in a Movement Moment by Beth Zehmsky and David Mann defines qualities unique to social movements and how organizations can move towards movement strategy development.

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